Duplicati not updating correctly

I have long wanted to write a post with the error that Duplicati is not constantly updating dancing with a tambourine. I click activate nothing works, Duplicati I have started as a service.

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So ignoring that line which would need some clarification for me to understand, here’s one answer:

Reading the last sentence sounds like Activate downloaded upgrade sometimes fail which is a bug involving Activate on Windows Service installations. As you see there, a fix was actually attempted, however it made things worse and was retracted until someone could understand the area better…

For now (unless something has changed – I don’t run Service now), restarting the Windows Service would be the solution for Activate not activating. Of course, restarting the computer should work too.


One reason I’m here is I’m wondering if you’re affected by the national blocking of Duplicati updater.
Release: (canary) 2019-12-12 discussed that, and there is a partial solution, for the notifier.
Releases announces releases. For installs you can try https://github.com/duplicati/duplicati/releases

Duplicati freezes on file deletion process says you’re on as seen here, where you’re keeping up with Canary very well. I wasn’t sure how you got behind four months ago…