Duplicati not listed among Backblaze B2 integrations

The B2 integrations page lists various front-ends: B2 Cloud Storage - Integrations

I assume maybe Duplicati has already been submitted for listing and/or is missing one of their requirements for being listed, but I figured I’d at least mention it here in case someone needs to submit it (and discussion thereof if it’s already been done / not ready yet).

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It is my fault mostly. We did have some contact with B2 back when they were in beta.

We need to follow up that we stick to all the points mentioned on the integration checklist:

Reading through it now, I think Duplicati actually does all the things there, so maybe I should just submit it.


Just wanted to quickly say that Duplicati is now listed as a B2 integration:


Also just wanted to note the typo I noticed:

Backups can be managed on any machine through a the web-based interface.

I’m not sure which one you preferred but of course it should be eitherthe web-based interface” ora web-based interface”, but not both.

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