Duplicati new Version

Dear All,
after the update from Version to I got the following error

Resource not found:
The IP address is correct and http protocoll is active

Duplicati new Version
running on a QNAP TS-251A Firmware

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Dieter Welter

Usually Duplicati will use port 8200, so maybe some other service is hijacking port 8216?
If you have ssh access to the QNAP box, you can try netstat -tnlp to see which processes are listening where.

Dear kenkendk,
thanks for the quick answer. I solved the problem with reboot of QNAP NAS.
After the reboot of the QNAP NAS Duplicati works, but me backup jobs were lost.

Anyway this isn’t a big problem.

Best regards

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When this happens, it is usually because the new version is using another directory to store the file Duplicati.sqlite. I think this is related to QNAP, as Duplicati has not been changed with regards to where the storage file is located.