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Is there a possibility to monitor duplicati via prometheus? The log file Duplicati writes contains a lot of information, what is missing are simple statements, backup successful, backup failed. We have a multisystem environment, Mac Linux and Windows. We want to find out centrally if a backup has been written and the status. How do we get the logs that are written in the database? In the webui I can view the logs.

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There are a couple of different options for you to get central reporting of Duplicati backup jobs. The first is dupReport, which is a Python system that grabs your result emails from Duplicati jobs and creates status reports from them. The second is duplicati-monitoring.com, which is a hosted web service that collects http status reports from your backup jobs and formats them into nice reports. Either one of those should be able to give you what you’re looking for.

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I don’t think capability exists now. Can you do integration? Duplicati offers reporting options to pass basic information. JSON is a machine-friendly option. After that, the third-party reporting systems extend ability.

dupReport can actually feed Apprise that does push notifications into a lot of other systems. Prometheus seems to prefer pull, but there’s seemingly an option for push. Duplicati scripting options may help there.

how can I read the parameter %PARSEDRESULT% via shell?

What OS is this? You show what looks like Windows batch file syntax but wrong exact variable name.

Other syntaxes are possible. It’s just an environment variable, so read the docs for whatever shell it is.

Two underscores after DUPLICATI



I am using the latter successfully