Duplicati-monitoring options (clean up)

Is there a way to mass delete or archive old backup reports in duplicati-monitoring? I’ve been running for over a year and have about 30k reports that I’d like to remove. Ideally, they could be archived to a file.
I’d also like to have some default options, like how many lines to display on every refresh. Right now, it almost always goes back to 20.
These things may already exist, but I couldn’t find them.


@crazy4chrissi runs this service, maybe they can answer. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick,

I am sorry, we currently don’t have a GUI option to mass delete reports other than deleting the whole backup set. Every year between spring and summer, we delete last years reports. This year, we did this a little late just this week. So probably many of your reports are already gone by now. If you want to delete more, please contact mail@duplicati-monitoring.com and tell us what data should be deleted.


Any chance to get this feature implemented? Not a very big deal, but was requested earlier.