Duplicati-monitoring.com - central monitoring of multiple Duplicati instances + nice email reports

this function is used when the report format is Duplicati; can your reporting system work when setting


to json ?

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Looks like the service is down again. Have had issues for the past ~12 hours with Duplicati failing to send reports.


Site not working from yesterday.
Even the site is down “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

Any idea if the reporting website will be coming online again. Been having problems reporting since the 2nd of November

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Seems to be working again.

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Yes, the site is online again! :grinning:

@crazy4chrissi thanks for getting the reporting working again.

We’ve not received any of the email reports since the site went down, just wondered if there was any news on this?

I am sorry for the downtime and any inconvinience involved and sorry for the late update.

The server had a faulty hard drive which needed to be replaced. It turned out that the server could not handle the load while the RAID synced the new drive even on a weekend. Thus, we had to stop all webservices and wait until the RAID was in sync again.

We also removed all backup reports older than 2023 to improve performance of the service.

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Still no email reports being received at my end. 5th November was the last one received so 9 days now without any.

Is there still an issue with email sending?

same here - reports are listed OK on the monitoring website, but no email reports received since Nov 5. Target email is in the web.de domain.

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Same here. Last email received on Gmail was 5.11.2023

Just received my first email for the last couple of weeks.
Many thanks

same here again - first email received since weeks :slightly_smiling_face: . Thanks to whoever did some magic in the background! Let’s hope it sticks …

Ehmmm… I don’t mean to be picky, but it seems the problem was fixed a bit too well: I have two different email addresses, one for login to DupMon and one (specified in “contacts”) where my reports should be sent to.
I used to receive mails only in the latter account (as intended), but now I receive them also in my login account (undesired).
Could some one please check if this can be fixed?

Nevermind … I didn’t look close enough and missed that the “Activate” button was enabled for both email accounts. This was not the case before but I changed it back to just one account and all is good now.

@crazy4chrissi I have made a small update to the way reporting is done, when exceptions are encountered. The changes that are relevant would be the output formatter and the handling of the error case.

I do not expect this to cause issues with duplicati-monitoring, as it only changes the error case, and in here, maintains the previous format, but adds more details. In case you spot something that will break duplicati-monitoring, let me know.