Duplicati missing a whole folder

For the folder "C:\Users\Sanitiy\HESSENBOX\#Aktuelle Daten" I have setup a backup.

In it there’s a sub-directory “C:\Users\Sanitiy\HESSENBOX\#Aktuelle Daten\Latex-Scripts und Zusammenfassungen”,
which for some reason is missing in the backups.

The advanced options of the backup script are:

–backup-name=Aktuelle Daten v2

As far as I can tell it’s neither hidden,system,temporary, and it also doesn’t match any of the filters.

For what reason could it be missing?


How do you check? The attrib command or adding Explorer Attributes column are good.


Actually it looks like attrib and dir (at least as in the /? help) know only hidden and system.

Alternatively (but maybe harder), you can make a log file at verbose level to see why it’s skipped, however depending on backup file count this either makes a big file, or doing a scaled-down test.

If it’s not an attribute, I think verbose level makes other messages about source paths it handles.

@ts678 You were right - it is actually marked as System folder. Though I have no idea how this could have happened - you can’t even set that attribute in the property dialog of windows, so I have no idea how this might have happened.

Thank you for the help!

I don’t know your software, so don’t know if folder is considered “owned” by that app or you, but typical Windows application has a lot of ability to set attributes the way it sees fit, e.g. by use of:

File Attribute Constants

Duplicati, as a C# application, reads them out with:

FileAttributes Enum

We sometimes see applications choose file attributes that the user wasn’t expecting. I’m not sure what can be done about it. A different area that could be improved would be that the GUI invites:


and it’s not obvious that these are attributes. At least CLI exclude-files-attributes makes it clear:

Use this option to exclude files with certain attributes. Use a comma separated list of attribute names to specify more than one. Possible values are: ReadOnly, Hidden, System, Directory, Archive, Device, Normal, Temporary, SparseFile, ReparsePoint, Compressed, Offline, NotContentIndexed, Encrypted, IntegrityStream, NoScrubData.

Anyway, I’m glad you solved the mystery.

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