Duplicati linux - handling specials - character,block,fifo

Hi Everyone,

From my testing it looks like duplicati can’t handle special files at the moment in linux (character,block,fifo). The files are just not included in the backup (store-metadata = True).

Is it possible to have duplicati handle specials ?

What’s the reason you want to back these up?

Most of these are system specific and you can’t restore your entire system reliably from duplicati anyway since it’s not a block level backup

Hi Pectojin,

Mostly use lxc containers with only a light configuration required on the bare bones system.
If specials where handled, a complete restore would be possible, rather than build the skel of the container then restore the files.
However realistically I do understand if duplicati will never handle them as you mentioned they are system specific to linux.

As the gap isn’t that great I’m just creating a daily tar of the specials and including it in the backup (sockets excluded). That will do what I need for the moment.

Hi Everyone,

My use case really wasn’t what duplicati was designed to be used for (just file based backups) and if you need to handle specials, borg backup is more suitable.

So just in-case anyone else is looking at solving this problem:
Borg Documentation — Borg - Deduplicating Archiver 1.1.8 documentation.

No where near as user friendly and quick to deploy, but can handle specials (mainly due to lxc container backups) correctly.

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