Duplicati is not able to backup Apples Fotos Library

Why does D. not backup my iMac’s Fotos Library ‘folder’. It is selectable as one file only within the folder tree. Anyway it makes troubles to Duplicati.

How can I resolve this regarding backing up my fotos?

Thanks in advance!

I just ran into the same error. If you are running a recent version of MacOS (10.14.1+ I believe) Apple has for security reasons limited access to several parts of the filesystem beyond the unix security model. In order to grant access to those private areas for backup, you will need to grant full disk access to the Duplicati program in the ‘Security & Privacy’ section of the Control Panel. What I am not certain of is if you can grant the whole ‘/Applications/Duplicati.app’ package and have it work, or if you’ll need to descend into the app package and grant permission to individual programs within it. I’ll update this post when I know for certain.

Update: I have checked, and if you add Duplicati to the Full Disk Access section of the ‘Security & Privacy’ -> ‘Privacy’ panel and then quit and restart Duplicati, it will properly access protected sections of your user account such as Photos.

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Hi JHod, I think there must be a termional command to append whole app/parts of app to that list, because there is no user dialog in preference box for adding apps my your own.
But in general I think you are exactly right with your approach! Will wait for your input…

There is a UI for editing this: Open ‘System Preferences’, go to ‘Security & Privacy’ applet, select the ‘Privacy’ tab, select ‘Full Disk Access’ in the left hand list, make sure the padlock is unlocked (click if necessary and enter your password, then click the ‘+’ button under the list of applications to add in Duplicati.

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