Duplicati - Incremental Backup Settings

Hi all,

I have Duplicati - (installed inside Asustor NAS ADM software) with destination B2 Cloud Storage.

I have completed the first backup; but then when it runs the consecutive backups (as part of the schedule); it takes as long as the original one runs?
The thing is, I have not made any changes to the source folders/files; I wonder why it takes a long time to run the consecutive backups

I was under impression that Duplicati will do an incremental backup by default?

Thanks heaps!

He @televisi, welcome to the forum!

When Duplicati runs it will only back up the parts (by default 100KB blocks) of files that have changed since the last run. Checking all those blocks for changes can take a while, especially when running on devices that might not have a lot of spare CPU or memory to put to the task.

I’d suggest looking at the job log and checking the first 10 or so lines of the Result entry where it lists the number and size of things like modified and added files.

If those numbers are high, you may just have lots of activity needing to be backed up every run. If they are low then Duplicati may just be running slowly for some reason.

Here’s an example from one of my recent test runs:

- Apr 10, 2018 4:01 PM: Result
  DeletedFiles: 5
  DeletedFolders: 1
  ModifiedFiles: 200
  ExaminedFiles: 877
  OpenedFiles: 361
  AddedFiles: 161
  SizeOfModifiedFiles: 29451864
  SizeOfAddedFiles: 11594491
  SizeOfExaminedFiles: 135511019
  SizeOfOpenedFiles: 52831163
  NotProcessedFiles: 0
  AddedFolders: 1
  TooLargeFiles: 0
  FilesWithError: 0
  ModifiedFolders: 0
  ModifiedSymlinks: 0
  AddedSymlinks: 0
  DeletedSymlinks: 0
  PartialBackup: False

Please note that there is a newer beta version which performance improvements, so you might also get a benefit from updating to that.