Duplicati in Docker and pCloud : unknow device for each backup

Hi all !
I’m a currenlty testing Duplicati beta in Docker (official image) on a Synology NAS (DSM 5.2), with pCloud as cloud provider, by webdav.
I’m very pleased for the moment.

But, I noticed that in my pCloud account parameters > Security > Devices, Duplicaty creates an “unknow device” each time it connects to make the same backup job (daily in my case).


Is there a way to make Duplicaty connection “recognized” like my PC is when I connect with the web app, or my phone is with the dedicated app ?

I think there will be a issue when there will be to much “unknown devices”, and when I delete them, Duplicati is blocked for a day or two…

I just asked pCloud team also.
I also searched in the forum for this “issue” but i found nothing… Correct me if Im’ wrong.

Duplicati is great piece of software :slight_smile:


Hi @profox, welcome to the forum!

Have you heard back from the pcloud team?

I haven’t used pcloud myself, but perhaps somebody else who has (like @T-6, @tophee, @Kelly_Trinh, or @Kahomono) can let us know if they’ve seen similar “unknown device” issues (or had problems with lots of unknown devices).

I dropped pcloud when they dropped meaningful support for the Linux client.

Pcloud looked promising but turned out to be rather unreliable and their support is among the worst I have seen.

I have had loads of issues with pcloud both using the original pcloud app (on Windows) - it managed to loose a significant amount of data - and their WebDAV interface (which they say is not officially supported) but I have not used it with duplicati, which, I believe goes via the pcloud api.

So far pCloud is working great for me. I connect via WebDAV from Duplicati running as plugin on OMV4. I also have these entries of “Unknown” devices which arre not causing any problems. But I do backup to pCloud only once per week.

I also have good experience with the support of pCloud. If you get a feedback from them, please post here.

Hi everybody,

Thanks a lot for your answers :grinning:
Like T-6, my daily backups are running fine, but there is only this “unknown” device thing that is annoying me.

Since my first post, pCloud support answered me that :

  • there isn’t any limitation in the number of “devices”.
  • probably Duplicati wasn’t identifying itself or the device winthin the connection. But they didn’t tell me how to do that… and I’m not an expert in webdav connections, so…
  • they didn’t test Duplicati yet, and that is not a priority for them at the moment.

I will make a test with cyberduck with webdav to see if it also produce a “unknown” device in pCloud security panel.
And I will try to have more information on their webdav implementation.

I want to use pCloud, because I want my data to stay in Europe. And pCloud is a very good alternative to Hubic for example. Hubic is not reliable at all…
And the pCloud 2Tb offer for life is very good.

Thanks again,

Ok, so I just made the test with Cyberduck, and it is producing an “unknown” device entry too…
But, I figured that I can delete all the “unknown entries” except the most recent one not to block the future connections for a while…

I think the “unkonwn device” issue is no big deal, but it will become quite annoying to delete all the entries after a very long time of use :wink:

But I will try to look further.

Have a good day !

Why not just keep them there? As long as they are not causing any issue you could just ignore them. I am running the backup for quite some time now, but have only a few of these entries. Might be that they are auto deleted after some time.

T-6 :

Why not just keep them there?

You are right, the validity is one year, so maybe the entry is automatically removed after expiration date.
I’ll see in a year :wink:

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Just for information :

I planned all my jobs to run at one minute interval (even if in reality, they need at least 5 minutes to run). This way, they are all ran one after one, and that way, they use only one token on the pCloud side. Instead of 5 pCloud tokens for the same day, I only have one.

Therefore, the list of “unknow device” is less important :wink: