Duplicati in docker - 2 source volumes

Hello there, I have Duplicati docker installed on RPI . I’d like to backup two locations:

  • my home folder
  • another folder on a mounted drive (/mnt/media)

What are my options here? I only see one source volume in docker-compose, should I simply map it to / or is there more clever way ?

Symlink won’t work here, right?

Soft symlinks dont work - Duplicati just backing symlinks themselves. Did not try hard ones, ended up with exposing the whole root.

  • /:/source

Welcome to the forums olegus.

There are a few options regarding how Duplicati deals with symlinks you can find more info over here.

Ha! Looks like --symlink-policy = Follow should do the trick. Thanks, will try.
Is it case sensitive? Is it " --symlink-policy = Follow or --symlink-policy = follow?

You don’t have to use symlinks if you don’t want to. You can map as many folders as you want into the docker container, and you can use any location, it doesn’t have to be /source.

On my Duplicati docker container I think I have 8 mappings to the host machine.

If you don’t have to use symlinks then great, if you do.


Case does not seem to matter and extra spaces seem to get striped when I add them in the GUI but will likely cause issues if your trying to script things so I’d suggest avoiding spaces when possible.

FYI: You can open the GUI, create a dummy job (or edit an existing one), go to Step 5 where you can add an advanced option from the dropdown, configure said advanced option to your liking, then click on the three vertical dots and choose “Edit as text” to see how those advanced options are specified in text.