Duplicati Hangs Up

Duplicati is hanging up frequently on my Windows laptop and I suspect it is related to the portable hard drive that I am backing up to and when I remove it to use the laptop elsewhere and then return to my desk and reconnect to the portable hard drive. The Duplicati program says the last successful run was 12/21/2020 and it has 4000+ files to go, but it never advances past that. When I try to stop the program with the stop now command, it just ignores it and stays hung where it is. How do I reset the program and do I need to remember to stop the backup if the portable hard drive isn’t connected for the next scheduled backup to prevent it from hanging up?

Hello and welcome!

Are you reconnecting the drive while a backup attempt is already in progress?

If the USB target drive is not always connected, you may need to use a different approach. You could use the --run-script-before option and only proceed with the backup if the target drive is present. You do this by exiting your script with a custom errorlevel: Feature-Request: Start backup only if some host is available