Duplicati hanging, won't respond to any commands

Hello all! I’m currently running Duplicati on my server with a Docker container. I’m having a problem where Duplicati is ignoring all of my commands.

Basically, I cannot stop the backup, or read the logs. Attempting to read the logs gives me an error: “Warning, database file is locked” and would not let me continue. The status ticker is stuck on “arpha-backup (backup name): Running…” and attempts to abort the “Running” doesn’t do anything.

I started a database rebuild two days ago, I think, but for 800GB of data it’s taking too much.

Please help me fix this issue as I would love to keep using Duplicati, but stability issues like this make me lose faith in how well it would handle my backups and restores.

The problem went away by it’s own, I waited until it finished its job. Quite unstable still. I should get some feedback on what’s going on.

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