Duplicati FTP backup to Zyxel NAS 326 - avoiding problems

Spent some time today to figure our why the backup to my local Zyxel NAS 326 caused a lot of funny problems (I am using FTP to have a backup that is much more resistent against common
encryption trojans).

The solution was:
The Zyxel NAS uses the built in pureftpd FTP server to run the FTP service.
If a file is upload to pureftpd it first gets a temp name like .pureftpd-upload.5e1cf1b4.25.74dd.eeb3… and only after the PUT is completed this temp name is renamed to the actual file name.
Duplicatiy seems to be quit confused about this and tries to rename the file by itself, retries the PUT and a lot more ending up in completely broken backup - sometimes with just dblock files :slight_smile: and other
funny situations.

Tried everything - but at the end the working solution was: Use FTP(Alternative)
Everythings works fine.