Duplicati for backup of documents in Nextcloud

Hi guys, I’m a new user of Duplicati and of OMV.
Following some video of a famous youtuber, I have know Duplicati that I installed on my NAS with OMV5.
My NAS have a USB key with the SO, a SSD where I put docker and two HDD from 3TB each in mirror mode, where I have all my files (video, music, ebook, etc. etc.).
I intsalled on the NAS (in the SSD) also Nextcloud, where I copied all my *.doc. *.xls and PDF files (which are so in the SSD), It’s possible use Duplicati to make a backup of the only documents that are in Nextcloud folder, and indicate as destination folder of the backup the HDD Media?
If yes, can yo explein me how I must proced?
Thanks and ciao

Welcome @Pietrogramma,

Sounds like you want to use Nextcloud folder as the source and a mount point on the HDDs as the destination?

I don’t use Nextcloud or Duplicati on a NAS but from what I can see Nextcloud uses the local file system on the NAS so you should be able to just point Duplicati to the Nextcloud folder as it’s source then specify the mount point for the HDDs as the destination. This would be a “Local folder or drive” type of backup job.

As far as I know, Duplicati cannot selectively backup only the .doc, .xls and .pdf files in a folder. You could create filters and exclude all the other file types in the folder but that’s not a very clean option. EDIT: Turns out you can selectively backup just the *.whatever files in a folder, see this thread for details.

I also found this article on backing up Nextcloud, in the article they create a backup directly from Nextcloud (using nextcloud.export) then backup that file to other locations using Duplicati. Not quite what you want but maybe of some use.

I hope some of this helps.

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Thanks JimboJones, your post was very useful and it help me for solve the problem.
My error was that in the Docker Stacks, as path of the origin and destination, I have used the Symlink create in OMV in the stacks of duplicati. Thanks at your help I changed the symlinks with the “real” path of the source (my files in the SSD) and destination (in the HDD) and now all work very fine (in this moment Duplicati is creating the backups of the entire documents folder with my doc, pdf and xls files).
But now I have another problem (but the guilty it isn’t dupicati): when I restore the file from the backup, after I don’t see anything in the Documents folder of Nextcloud’s dashboard, but If I enter with filezille in the path of the folder in the SDD (inside Nextcloud/config folder) I see all files that was restored from backup.
I will ask in the forum of Nextcloud how I can solve this other problem.
Thanks again and ciao.

I don’t use NextCloud, but I think it tracks files in a database so it’s sometimes out of sync with storage.

How to make nextcloud aware of added files has some possible solutions, but their forum can help too.