Duplicati fails to restore SQL database

Hi everybody,
I’m trying to restore a 13GB bak file, containing a SQL DB. I’m using Dropbox as backend. The backups always reported “Success”, but now any restore for recent versions keeps failing.

I’m prompted with three errors: the first when creating a temporary database →
[Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RecreateDatabaseHandler-MissingFileDetected]: Remote file referenced as duplicati-bd5dc05a4c7aa49e1ade70e78190658ec.dblock.zip by duplicati-i930e1b34011449f790def423f398476c.dindex.zip, but not found in list, registering a missing remote file

Then again, in the file restore process →
[Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-PatchingFailed]: Failed to patch with remote file: “duplicati-bd5dc05a4c7aa49e1ade70e78190658ec.dblock.zip”, message: {“error_summary”: “path/not_found/”, “error”: {".tag": “path”, “path”: {".tag": “not_found”}}}

[Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-RestoreFileFailed]: Failed to restore file: “C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\restore2\schede3_backup_2021_02_23_000005_5104111.bak”. File hash is FT2+klcd2fQBTjT9LVXjTYs6AsCxs6NRPhU8F4JGsYA=, expected hash is LyWCovwWiUhofA0uD98CTSbAVv3FQKv775WxIPIPzNU=

What I understand is that Duplicati is trying to find dblock referenced in the index, but fails to retrieve it.
Restores of versions older than one month complete successfully, so the missing dblock must have been created in the last 30 days.
I’ve searched for the dblock in the backup folder (Dropbox) and in the last 365 days’ deleted files, but there’s no trace of it.

I’ve also tried setting the “no backend verification” flag, but the restored file is not usable.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? This database is fairly important.

Thank you

Since Duplicati can use the backup folder without anything else, I would recommend making a full copy of that before proceeding. If its too big to do so then you’re at risk of losing it should everything fail to save it or should something mess it up more.

I can’t fully recommend Duplicati because of some issues it has such as this, but you should always use multiple backup solutions in the event one fails, as its always a possibility that a backup will fail in some way.

There seems to be some db issues happening for you, so I would think running a db repair is in order. There’s probably more than a few posts on various things you can try besides that. Some people try to do it by hand where possible but no user should ever have to deal with that.

You could also try to repair with the canary version of Duplicati.

This sounds like a Direct restore from backup files, otherwise you’d have your usual Database.
Did you lose your original system, are you trying to restore to a different one, is this a test, etc.?

If the original database still exists, it might add some clues about errors, to reduce the guessing.

Because you’re trying to restore one file, I’ll ask if your backup has a lot more in it, or mostly that.
Restoring files using the Recovery Tool can be used on damaged backups, but restores all files.

You have at least a bad reference from dindex to dblock, but perhaps it’s an unneeded reference.
This is hard to determine without you looking in the database or being willing to post a bug report.

So Storage Type is set to Dropbox, right? Worse alternative might be Local folder or drive.

What Duplicati version?

Presumably you need recent versions. How important are old ones?


One month is possibly unfortunate because default log-retention is 30 days, then log history vanishes.
You might want to make the DB bug report (or copy off current DB) ASAP in case it’s needed later on.
Nothing needs to be posted ASAP (or ever) but at least that option will be there, if history is preserved.