Duplicati dont give error on SQL Databases in Suspect state

Hello all,

Today i notice that one of our clients had SQL Database in “Suspect” state mode. I have check in Duplicati backup, and for my suprise, i did not have a backup of this Database.

The worst part, is that the log of the SQL Databases on Duplicati are OK. In the configuration job, the database is selected, but in the logs it does no appear.

Appears that when it is making backup, it scans for all active database and then makes the backups, but it does not compare if the database is selected on backup job.

I was able to repair the database so the backup is not so crucial at the moment, but i think this is a important think to verify.


Thank you for reporting this. It does sound like something that should be adjusted.

Would you be able to file an issue on the Github project page?