Duplicati Docker and incomplete folder tree

Hi guys, i’m a newbie of duplicati.
I’ve install it on a docker, all ok but when i go to do a backup i’ve a little problem:

my folder tree (for example /usr/share/folder1) is incomplete, i can’t view some folder.
Can you help me to solve this?

Hi @onluigi, welcome to the forum!

When you say you can’t view some folders do you mean to don’t even see them listed or you see them listed but can’t see inside them?

I know when I first set up my Docker container ib didn’t understand how the mapped folder variables worked and accidentally begin up the contents of my container instead of the external data I was assuming for.

Hi @JonMikelV , I have the same problem - when installing Duplicate via Docker, I don’t have access to the root folder(exclamation mark), so I can’t see “shared folders” in the folder tree.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Which docker image are you using? Official Duplicati one or linuxserver.io or…? What version of Duplicati?

What’s your host machine running?

Hi, thanks!
Docker installed hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/duplicati
Duplicati -
Host machine is OMV4, all settings are correct, PID and PGID are also correct

at the same time Duplicate installed through the plugin works correctly:

Your container is running Duplicati with non-root PUID and PGID, so it makes sense to me that it won’t have access to /root. But why do you want access to that anyway? It is the /root directory of the container itself - not your host machine.

You want Duplicati to back up data on your host machine, correct? You will need to add host path -> container path mappings so that the container can access files on the host machine.

Also be careful and make sure your Duplicati configuration data is stored outside of the container. Looks like it may be by way of the /sharedfolders/appdata/Duplicati -> /config mapping, but you should double check.

What is your desired backup destination? If you are using a “local path” make sure it’s also a mapped folder so that the data gets saved on the host. You basically want to make sure you store nothing important inside the container. (I’m guessing you are new to docker so this is an important concept to understand… forgive me if you already understand all of this.)

Not sure what you mean by “plugin” - I’m guessing it runs directly on OMV4 (not in a container) and is running as root.

I have a problem with the fact that I don’t see my “shared folders” in Duplicati.
This can be seen in my screenshots.
“shared folders” are located at the mount point /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-XXXXXXX-part1/

But in Duplicati, I don’t see the “shared folders” directory, I can’t go to the “srv” directory, the “root” directory with an exclamation mark. I assumed it was all the same problem.
And again, the path to the Duplicate config is mapped to me.

Perhaps you are right, but with the same user as for Duplicate, I have several dockers working, the same Cloud Commander, which perfectly sees all the directories of my host.

You won’t see “/sharedfolders” in your container unless you map that folder. Docker containers have their own isolated filesystem view and by default you don’t get to see the host filesystem. You can read more about how it works here.

If that’s true then you have the folder mappings present in the config for those containers.

I did not have time to write to you that thanks to your help, I have already solved the problem!
It was in the PUID and PGID, substituting their ID from root, everything worked.

It is a pity that this point is not described in the documentation - hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/duplicati, about the root ID. Naturally, I prescribed all the paths in the config, including the source.

Thank you very much for the hint with “id root”

P.S. Such would be quick answers and excellent help on the OMV forum would be👍

Glad you were able to solve your issue. The linuxserver docker image isn’t the official Duplicati one. (You can find the official one here.) The official image seems to run as root by default.