Duplicati deployment

Hi there,

I very new to the community, but I am a long time fan of the platform. :smiley:

Not sure if this is even possible or maybe someone can point me to the right direction.

-I am trying to see if I can deploy Duplicati to users and have them utilize onedrive (OFFICE 365 business).
Is this even possible to automate? I am okay to do this manually, but just wanted to see if I can save some precious time.

This is what I can do so far. I can generate encrypted keys (passwords) using PS. But I am not sure how I would add these entries after this step. I don’t even know if you can use encrypted tokens with Duplicati.

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Liridon, welcome to the forum!

I’m no expert with OneDrive (or OD4B) or encrypted keys / tokens but it sounds like a parameters file as described in this post might do what you need:

If you have control over users login scripts you might be able to use environment variables as well.