Duplicati deadlocks itself

Hi, two of my four backups on local Win10 machine with Duplicati fail, because database is in use by another process. However, that another process is duplicati itself. It basically keeps itself deadlocked by trying to access database it already opened.

Restarting service didn’t helped. Other two backup - and only difference is frequency of saving and paths they backup - run correctly. Exporting backup configuration, deleting it and importing it back also helps, but I kinda hope that is not the solution.

Can duplicati be told to not deadlock itself?

Repairing the DB’s seems to help too. Is there auto-repair option I haven’t found?

Strange. Only time I see this myself is if I try to do a restore operation while a backup is running, for example. I also wonder if you accidentally are running more than one instance of Duplicati and they both have jobs trying to use the same database. Can you run this command from a cmd prompt:

netstat -a -n -o | findstr ":82.0.*LISTEN"

Paste the output here.