Duplicati crashes und restart permanently before finishing backup job

Duplicati is freshly installed as an Openmediavault Plugin on Linux Debian 9.12 and running since two days. Since yesterday evening it keeps crashing shortly before finishing a backup job. Then the webgui automatically logs out and i need to log in again and the last backup job is starting again.

what is happening here?

I am not familiar with OpenMediaVault or its Plugins, but I have familiarity with Debian.

What version of Duplicati is included with this Plugin?

Can you see what version of mono is installed on the system? Type mono --version at a shell prompt to find out.


Duplicati Version is and Mono Version ist 4.6.2.
But i guess i found the problem. At first duplicati runs without problems. Then i had activated email alarms with only one backup job and after that duplicati starts to crash with every backup job. Now i deactivated the email alarms again und duplicati again runs without problems…

Does somebody knows where to find information on setting up email alarms right?


Someone else had this same issue and reported it here.

Duplicati now requires Mono 5.x to function properly. Can you stop Duplicati, upgrade your Mono version, and restart Duplicati to see if it fixes your issue?

Hi, yes, i guess its possible. Since im new to duplicati how should i do this? When i want to update mono (devel) i got the information that it is not installed?! But i can call mono --version.

I am not familiar with OpenMediaVault but if it’s based on Debian 9.12 it would explain why you only have mono 4.6.2. That’s the version in the official Debian repository for Debian 9.x.

You’ll need to add the official Mono repository and then upgrade. I know some have done this on pure Debian, hopefully it will still be compatible with OMV.


I installed the actual Version. Now its Mono It seems that Duplicati and OMV runs good. I will test email function tomorow again.