Duplicati crash - lldb command (Mac OS X)

Mac OSX 10.11.6

Duplicati crashed (auto quit) and computer displayed dialog box: The “lldb” command requires the command line developer tools. Would you like to install the tools now?

I declined install of Xcode. Was able to launch Duplicati app fine after that. This happened more than once over the last few months.

lldb is the debugger for the llvm compiler, so while Duplicati shouldn’t ask for that, that would also only happen if some other error occurs. I’m still fairly new into Duplicati, but putting up the logs from around that time should help the others debug what actually went wrong.

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It happened again. Duplicati was supposed to run a scheduled backup. It quit by itself and lldb debugger window opened up. When I manually relaunched Duplicati it was paused and never performed the scheduled backup.
Console log shows very little:
com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.duplicati.app.88032[410]): Service exited with abnormal code: 134

Were you able to find any Duplicati log entries as @justpoet suggested?

I haven’t had any issues like you’re describing, but I only occasionally work with a Mac - perhaps @Pectojin or another user might have a better idea of what you’re running into.

Sadly, I’m not much help here. I never got the error, but I also have xcode installed. Maybe there’s an issue with it requiring the debugger for some reason?