Duplicati Commandline options limited vs. Duplicati GUI options?

I would like to be able to issue a commandline backup command job that is identical to what a recurring gui backup job would perform. It seems that when I create a recurring gui backup job and it is successful and I export the command to perform it and then run it at the commandline, the command is missing the recurring scheduling component. And so when the exported gui command is run at the commandline it runs once and is not recurring.

Is it possible to get the full gui backup job command including the scheduling component so that I can run it at the commandline?

If not, is there an alternative to get the full gui options to occur from the commandline. This would need to be able to create a new job, as well as, the scheduling component.


Duplicati.CommandLine.exe doesn’t talk to the WebUI at all. What may work for you is an alternate command line utility. It has the ability to trigger actions in the WebUI:

Thank you, I’ll give it a go.

I have two other unrelated questions.

If there is no logged in user for a Windows machine, will the recurring duplicati backup job that has already been setup, execute?

On a Windows machine, if the recurring duplicati job is setup on account A and that account is not logged in and another account B is logged in, will the job for account A execute?


The default installation method will configure the Duplicati engine to start when the user logs on and it stops if they log off. For regular systems this is usually fine, since if they aren’t logged in they aren’t modifying any files.

But in some situations you’ll want the backup engine to run all the time, regardless of whether someone is logged in or not. To accomplish this you’ll want to run Duplicati as a service: