Duplicati.com down?

Is Duplicati.com down? Can’t seem to acces it from the UK

Appears to be down… doesn’t work for me, either!

From Linux, curl https://www.duplicati.com finished after a few minutes once, but did not later.
Watching packets, things were moving super-slowly for unclear reasons but a ping answers nicely…
Let me inform the administrator.

Not working for me too

@kenkendk did you have a look yet?

I was sick yesterday :frowning_face:

It seems it is a bit low on resources, so I am now setting up a new mirror for it.

Nice, works for me now

It was running at 100% CPU for 24 hours, so I rebooted it and now it seems to work. I have also doubled the available RAM on the machine.

Previously, the updates and the website were on the same machine, but I have now migrated the updates to run on a separate instance. Hopefully this new setup is more stable.