Duplicati CLI Configure/Save Backup Tasks

I am leaving this uncategorized because it is either a how to or a feature request.

I am using choclatey and powershell to manage several systems (mostly family. Conveniently Duplicati is already in choclatey for a package. So my current powershell script install duplicati and then call duplicaticli.exe and passes in my backup configuration. My issue is the backup simply runs. I want the backup to saved and a schedule applied.

Is this possible? and if not. Can it be?

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

I categorized your post as Support for now (#howto is geared towards guides of how to do stuff) but we can certainly adjust it later if that seems appropriate.

Just to make sure I’m understanding your ultimate goal, it seems like you’re trying to use Choclatey + Powershell to automate installation AND CONFIGURATION of Duplicati and a scheduled backup, is that correct?

That is exactly what I want to do. Essentially have duplicati install with choco (already working) and configured by duplicati-cli/powershell (this question).

Does anybody know how or if this can currently be done?