Duplicati certification on Box

My team is trying to do some integration with Box (box.com) but Duplicati is not a whitelisted/approved third party application on Box.
I wanted to know if this is something you plan on doing in the near future.


Welcome to the forum @akinalalade

This is the first and only request I can find so I doubt it’s in any plan but I have not asked the main author, who is almost certainly the person with the Box developer account, but is also extremely short on time…

I am not a box.com expert (and I don’t know who is), so please amend or correct the impressions below.

Understanding Requests to Authorize or Whitelist Applications seems to show how whitelisting is done by an administrator if “Block unpublished apps by default” is set. Published apps are listed in Box App Gallery however Your Listing in the Box App Gallery doesn’t look like there’s much serious “certification” (although there does seem to be some unspecified level of review by the partner team after the listing is requested).

Disabled by Administrator: Cannot Use Application is another article on handling unpublished applications.

Box TechnologyPartners –ProgramSummary looks like a significant investment beyond just doing a listing (which I’m assuming is your key interest), and perhaps this should be a feature request to get in the queue.