Duplicati business model

Greetings. I am curious as to the Duplicati business model. The software is free, but you are still in beta. And of course I see the donations button. What is your longer term strategy, especially as you work toward a formal release?

We do it for fun, not for profit :slight_smile:

This has the downside that we are not able to deliver new features and fixes as fast as we would like.

Currently we are trying to make a formal roadmap for the 2.0 stable, and for now I think we will simply add some basic security, and maybe look at error reporting/handling.


Ok, thanks. As you know, the multi-platform, metadata included, Peer-to-Peer opportunity is wide open. You are on the right path for this. And there definitely is a revenue opportunity, especially if the cost is modest.

p.s. I’m a non-profit guy as well … sometimes intentional with my charity work, and all too often unintentionally with my consulting and start-up work! Sometimes it’s more fun than other times! :wink: