Duplicati Backups to DigitalOcean Spaces (s3 compatible)

DigitalOcean recently announced Spaces, a block storage service that is API compatible with Amazon S3. I will refer to DigitalOcean as DO below

Here are the settings required on the Backup Destination configuration page

  1. Storage Type: S3 Compatible
  2. SSL: enabled
  3. Server: nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com
  4. Bucket name: {name of your DO space}
  5. Bucket create region: nyc3
  6. Storage Class: leave as (default)
  7. AWS Access ID: {DO API Key}
  8. AWS Access Key: {DO API Secret}

You can find a step-by-step setup guide with screenshots on my blog


Thanks @jcutrer for the how-to summary here, and the nice write-up in your link!

For those that don’t know, the main (functional) difference between block storage and object storage is that block storage is based on disk volumes (just like on your local computer) so runs into issue like 16TB max size while object storage can expand beyond individual volumes or machines.

Not that it applies to Duplicati use but block storage generally works at the file level (you can edit a single file) while object storage works at the object level (you can edit a single file but it’s done by reading then re-writing ALL the files in the object).

And of course block storage is usually much faster than object storage (mostly due to the overhead of looking up objects and having to handle them as a set).

At the time of this post it sounds like the object storage costs $5/mo for 250G of storage and 1TB of OUTBOUND bandwidth (then $0.02/GB stored and $0.01/GB transferred).

Note that it appears to be a staged rollout starting in the NYC3 region, then AMS3 by the end of 2017, and regions beyond that in early 2018.

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Well, This is indeed nice feature to add external storage with this feature. But being a non-Linux guy this would be more pain for you to add it. PAAS providers like Cloudways providing DigitalOcean Servers with Nice UI for vertical scaling to add block storage.

Thanks for sharing this important information. Anyone with an economical budget wants to go with the DigitalOcean as it is best alternative to these premium hosts. However, If you were to take my suggestion then you I would select paas platform instead of iaas. Here is a brief comparison between iaas vs paas. It could be of some assistance if you don’t know much about iaas and paas.

Thanks a lot for sharing the details, I am using DigitalOcean server with WordPress on Cloudways platform. They have pay as you go format in which I have only 2 GB space and it increase in the peak time.