Duplicati backup sharepoint online

Hi Guys,
Can I use Duplicati to backup my Sharepoint online data to a local storage?
or to a cloud storage one-drive?
I understand the Sharepoint online have it own retention policy about the delete items but the policy is not a real backup.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the forums S_G.

On it’s own, Duplicati cannot backup the data in a SharePoint site. Duplicati meant to backup to a cloud service (as the destination), it does not back up from a cloud service (as the source).

If you backup the SharePoint site to a local file then Duplicati could back that file up. From the looks of this, Microsoft - Backup solutions in SharePoint Server you can create file backups of SharePoint, they’re just a bit of a pain to make.

Thanks JimboJones,
I probably don’t need to backup the whole sharepoint site, but just the document.
I could sync the sharepoint document to my local drive on a specific folder example called “SharePointData”, and can i used duplicati to backup the SharePointData into a one drive which this will generate duplicati format?

Hi JimboJones,
I have figured out the solution.

  1. Setup a sync folder called “SharePointData” on the local pc to sync with the whole sharepoint document
  2. Setup Duplicati to backup the local folder “SharePointData” in to a onedrive storage

This way is useful but extra traffic for sync and backup back to one-drive which i don’t mind
Thank you for your help.

Perfect, glad to hear that will work for you.