Duplicati backup restore issue "there is no backup file exist"


We are getting the error " there is no backup file exist" while trying to restore the files from backup files.

Actually one of the laptop hard disk got faulty and we have some backup file taken 1 days back.

please let me know how we can get the data . (There is 8 DB block files each 3 GB).

Duplicati Version : Duplicati

Please reply , we will be very Thankful.

Thanks & Reagrds,
Binod Kumar Sharma.

I have checked the Dlist file is missing one Dblock.zip.aes and dindex files are available.

Please share some some steps to look into it.

Hello @sh.binod2005, welcome to the forum!

If I understand correctly you have a laptop with a hard disk that has gone bad BUT you have a Duplicati backup from about 1 day ago, is that correct?

What backend is the backup being stored on?

If the dlist file is the only thing missing then the data should still be recoverable, so don’t give up hope yet. :slight_smile: