Duplicati backup linked to pCloud - unable to stop backup

Sometime last year I set up a backup to my pCloud account via, as best my memory serves, Webdav. Now I can find no way to stop the service - I cannot find the original backup settings.

Please advise me of anyway that I can stop the backup service as it is constantly populating my pCloud account with files, which is annoying.

All the files appear to date from 2018 (if I delete them, they just end up back again, repopulating my pCloud account)


It would appear that I have resolved the issue by simply changing my login details for pCloud, which appears to have broken the Duplicati Webdav backup link.

Perhaps not the most elegant solution, but certainly one that I can live with.

You know which computer Duplicati is running on? At that computer start a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8200 - you should be able to manage Duplicati settings there.

Thanks! I have navigated to http://localhost:8200/ as per your suggestion, in all 3 OS’s (I have MacOS, Linux & Windows installed on my MacBook - 3 partitiions). It may well be that it was set up on another laptop, not presently where I am at - will try your suggestion on that laptop in a few weeks time. (Note: I had to re-install Duplicati to open the link)

Would it matter if the OS has been reinstalled - a distinct possibility?

If I have any luck, I will confirm the same here.

I wouldn’t install it… What I am suggesting is just a way to spot where it is already installed but forgotten about. Something is writing data to your pcloud account.

If the link doesn’t work then it’s probably not that computer and you should check a different one.

Could “appear” be clarified please? Does it refer to a “dlist” filename which has a readable date put in the name (e.g. duplicati-20190713T235905Z.dlist.zip.aes), or does it refer to a file modification date?

Do dates and names change when the files reappear? Duplicati backup would use new names, and likely new file modification dates. Seeing old files with old names and old dates may be something else, pCloud Sync could be syncing an old backup (though I thought sync is two-way, so why aren’t originals deleted?).

How can I backup my content from other platforms to pCloud? is a way one-way old file copy could occur.

Have to agree with that, but to find what the something is might need a look at the details of what’s written. Getting more ambitious than a better check of external file properties such as names and dates could be:

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost may be a way to take advantage of the Duplicati reinstall to at least see what’s in the troublesome files. Be sure not to go too far. A direct restore (maybe even only the initial steps of seeing what versions you have and what files they contain) is fine, but don’t recreate the backup job if there might be another on another computer using the same destination. They’ll collide there.

Thanks! They definitely referred to a dlist file name and all the files were dated 2018.

Yesterday I reverted my pCloud to the original login credentials - so far the Duplicati backup files have not appeared.

There is little more, I believe, that I can do right now until I am once again on my other laptop, which will only be after the 20th.