Duplicati backing up to Degoo?

Wondering if there is any interest in having Duplicati backup to Degoo?
Free account offers 100G and cheap as paid account 500G

Cheers Bret

No idea if they expose an API but even using their official apps, I find their service to be quite unreliable (files backing up very slowly; inconsistent storage used totals; deleted files not purged correctly).

Would not recommend anyone use it.

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I’m not seeing any sign of API, after some searching, and also no standard protocols such as WebDAV.

Although the 100 GB deal might seem good, there are other companies with quite low per-GB paid cost.
Backblaze B2 and Wasabi come to mind, but both have some other factors that may raise costs a little.
Countering that is more granularity, instead of Degoo making you jump to 10 TB if you exceed 500 GB…

If you can talk Degoo into supporting an API like existing Duplicati Storage Providers have, that’d be best.
Degoo support rclone? points out that they use expensive storage. They may not want you using a lot…

Add in additional experience data point:

For various reasons had to redo my upload of large data set (circa 500Gb).

Degoo aggressively throttle - so after initial day at 1MB per second; drops to 150k per second. Is going to take a really long time to finish this upload.

Conclusion: optically looks nice as an offer but reality not that great.

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