Duplicati autostart on Windows 10


I installed Duplicati 2 on Windows 10, including the option to launch it on startup.
It is indeed in the autostart tab of the Task Manager, but does not start up automatically. I also configured it to be started as administrator.
So far, I have been using Duplicati 1.3. Does this interfere with Duplicati 2?
What can I do to have Duplicati 2 started automatically after logon?


Welcome to the forum @aDuplicatiUser

I can’t comment on Duplicati 1.3, but does Duplicati 2 start manually, especially if you use the same shortcut, assuming that you made a shortcut with Advanced --> “Run as administrator” checked, which seems like it’s going to need a UAC dialog before starting? I think some people run Task Scheduler for no-UAC admin starts.

Thank you.
Using the Task Scheduler seems to solve the problem.