Duplicati as server backup


I use an another backup solution to backup servers.
Is Duplicati usable to backup servers to a backup server (dedicated backup server with local disks)

(As I saw Duplicati is primarily used for backup workstations to cloud providers)

Thank you.

We’ve not yet finished performance evaluation, but the functionality is there, with several transport mediums including SFTP and WebDAV. For SMB, if you mapped a shared drive from the Backup server on to the server you want to back up, it should be a cinch.

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What kind of server data? If you mean regular file data, Duplicati should work well for that. Its ability to do Hyper-V VM backups is a bit rudimentary, in my opinion. I haven’t tested SQL backups.

Welcome to the forum @MapleLeaf_IT and thanks for the input.

“should” is about right. In practice, some SMB has given weird troubles even though Duplicati doesn’t even support SMB in its own code. It treats it like a local folder, the OS does its thing, and usually it all works out. Occasionally it doesn’t, and nobody has figured out where in all the code the problem is being introduced…

If you run into this, I’d probably ask you to try using Process Monitor to see if all looks OK at the driver level.

@ts678, thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: and that’s good to know :slight_smile: We’ve only run small tests so far on mapped drives, but without incident. I might expect problems with long-running, large transfers … which, of course, is what most of us want, I expect.

I give Duplicati high marks with Multi-G transfers to Backblaze B2, however.