Duplicati and Office 365 Home / Family

Hello - I am new to Duplicati and am testing it out in stages. Early signs good but I cannot work out how to make it save straight to my Office 365 Home / Family OneDrive account in the cloud. Microsoft changed the name recently from Home to Family.

I can obviously make it save to a folder on my computer which I then sync into OneDrive by adding the folder to the list of ones synced into OneDrive - but I was hoping for a way to store in OneDrive without having it on the computer on which it was created i.e. no folder on my desktop machine.

All the forum articles I have found point at Business or Personal. When I sign in to my OneDrive account on line the path is https://onedrive.live.com/?id=root&cid= followed by a string of 16 numbers and letters which I assume is my unique ID.

The list of OneDrive versions in the Set Up New Backup pages in Duplicati list various Onedrive options but not Office 365 Home / Family.

Can anyone help me out with either information on which embedded version to choos OR with some simplistic instructions as to what to do.

Thanks, Frank

Welcome to the forum @frankst237

My free OneDrive personal account comes up the same way. I think Business accounts are different.
Have you just tried it as below?


Go top to bottom, picking a folder you like. Use a plain word, or forward slashes in middle, if needed.
After getting AuthID (be prepared to type your credentials to a page from Microsoft), Test connection.