Duplicati and NeuShield Data Sentinel

Since I installed the NeuShield Data Sentinel, duplicati shows a warning (“2022-03-22 22:30:24 +01 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileEnumerationProcess-FileAccessError]: Error reported while accessing file: …”) with every file processed, that is in a folder protected by NeuShield. They do get backed up, but it takes 10 times as long as before (50 instead of 5 minutes)…

NeuShield support says:
“I guess the backup program may be trying to access the files directly and bypass us, which is not allowed by the OS. Once we protect a file then it can only be accessed through NeuShield.”

Is there a duplicati setting that may help?

It seems, this only happens the first time after NeuShield is installed. The next time the same job took 4 minutes - and no warnings… :slight_smile:

Today, the warnings came back on most jobs. What is even more strange, is that e.g. in this job roughly the same amount of files was added as was deleted. This for a folder structure where nothing has changed at all since the last daily run.

That it is the same amount of files in the image above may be misleading, because in a different job, this happened:

Again nothing had changed since the last daily run, still 7500 files have been deleted…

Is duplicati incompatible with that security app, or is there some setting that would help with this?

I doubt that anybody knows any of the details of that security app, and their web site says very little.

Can you translate that? Duplicati is an application program for Windows using Windows file access means. It is not aware of your third-party software as far as I know, nor was it written with it in mind.

If NeuShield deliberately requires a program to go through it, it seems like it would break everything.

One thing that Duplicati does that something else (for example Notepad) doesn’t do is obtain the file ownership and security properties rather closely, so that it can back them up for your use in restores.

store-metadata can supposedly be set false to keep it from doing that, and possibly it will help things.
Drawback of no metadata is that you lose things like file times, so this is a test more than full answer.

Before warning occurs, please start About → Show log → Live → Warning to see details of Warning.
Simply knowing there was a FileAccessError isn’t as good as knowing error that new program added.

Is Duplicati run at your login as you? What read or write access do you have to that protected folder?