Duplicati 2 + OneDrive Business

To be more specific for anyone struggling, @kees-z 's solution worked for me, but the specifics for what I had to enter for the domain-my and name_domain_com fields was a little ambiguous.

If you go to the online OneDrive Business page, then look at the URL, you will see something like


From this, you can see exactly what you need to enter.

(In my case it was ac_uk, not com, because I’m a UK University student)

Additionally, it’s extremely important you ensure the end of the ‘Path on Server’ ends with Documents/FOLDER_NAME, I omitted the Documents directory, but if you miss this out you will find the files will upload without error but disappear to the ether! I just wasted over 24 hours uploading 500GB on a 20Mbps connection only for all the files to be missing because I missed the Documents text. ‘Documents’ is infact the root of your OneDrive.

Hello everyone,
after some time I’ve finally found the lost backups on Sharepoint. Even though I tried to save it directly to the enterprise Sharepoint eg. https://tenant.sharepoint.com/web/our_page/Backup/backup (where Backup is the name of Document library), Duplicati created another folder and structure in