Duplicati - centOS 7 OneDrive for Business

Has anyone setup Duplicati - in linux and successfully linked a OneDrive for Business account to it?

Here is my config screen

if I copy my Destination URL to a browser and change od4b to https. it navigates to the folder just fine.

in Duplicati I get the following error:

Failed to connect: No SharePoint web could be logged in to at path ‘https://xxxxxx-my.sharepoint.com/personal/xxxxx_onmicrosoft_com/Documents/VestaBackup’. Maybe wrong credentials. Or try using ‘//’ in path to separate web from folder path.

Any suggestions?


Microsoft OneDrive v2 (Microsoft Graph API) might work. It claims to work for OneDrive for Business too.

I have tried that one as well. I can’t seem to make anything work.

What have you tried with the OneDrive v2 backend? You should be able to pretty much just sign in and have it work.