Duplicati crashes regularly

After running for some hours duplicati crashes very reliable.
I had to downgrade to due to other problems.
My workaroud is to schedule a cronjob which restarts duplicati.
So my question is where can I find logs to analyse the problem?
Its running on a qnap (unix) system.
I found duplicati.log with no entries from the time of the issue.

There is a system log and two job logs viewable in the web interface. Click About>ShowLog to view the system log. Click Home>(JobName)>ShowLog to view the two job logs. As far as I know, there’s no way to export logs from Duplicati’s SQLite database to a text file using just Duplicati.

You can also enable more verbose logging to capture more details.

If it’s flat out crashing and doesn’t seem to have any information in the log file you might also want to try running Duplicati from the command line with the --verbose parameter and see if you can get more detail from the console window (just as a test, of course).

I don’t know of one either, but I sure like your idea. I thought there was a similar suggesting already made but I’m not finding it right now. How does this look to you?

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