Dry run from UI

Hi, before executing a backup I am used to run a dry run and read the files are going to be changed.
I’m looking for this possibility from the User Interface.
I haven’t found anything except the possibility of enabling/disabling the flag inside the profile configuration.
I also tried to clone the profile and having a second one with the dry-run flag enabled, but during the execution I get some database error, maybe is not possible to have two profiles on the same database.

any help about the implementation of “dry run execute” ? thanks

Welcome to the forum @wallbroken

Can you clarify? Backup changes no source files. Destination files after processing have random names.

Are you looking to see what source files WILL be backed up? To see after, try The COMPARE command.

If you’re looking for before, it’s possible but requires getting a dry-run log at verbose level, and looking at it:

Nov 21, 2020 6:07 PM: Checking file for changes C:\backup source\B.txt, new: False, timestamp changed: True, size changed: True, metadatachanged: True, 11/21/2020 11:06:51 PM vs 6/19/2019 11:06:17 AM

Above file is changed and will be backed up. Unless you set otherwise, the original version is still retained.

You don’t ever want that, but it’s not guaranteed you did that – unless you messed with path on Database.

hi, can you please tell me the complete command to show that file changes log? thanks

Still unclear, but since you mention log, maybe you want dry run.

Advanced options
dry-run set true
log-file to wherever you want log file

There will be lots of output, but lines you want have format like I showed. Use a tool to extract those lines.
Windows can use findstr. Linux and similar can use grep or similar.

here is the log, and I don’t see any line like those showed by you:

That’s not the log text that the log-file option puts out. It looks like you just grabbed the regular job log.
You have to look at the path that you chose and put on screen 5 Advanced options per the directions.
For a sample of what that looks like, run About --> Show log --> Live --> Verbose during your dry run.


The regular log does give some statistics:

  "DeletedFiles": 1,
  "DeletedFolders": 0,
  "ModifiedFiles": 0,
  "ExaminedFiles": 4,
  "OpenedFiles": 1,
  "AddedFiles": 1,
  "SizeOfModifiedFiles": 0,
  "SizeOfAddedFiles": 0,
  "SizeOfExaminedFiles": 5254,
  "SizeOfOpenedFiles": 0,

It looks like you added an empty file, which should show in the log file you set. I’m not sure deletes do, however you can see them in the compare command, e.g. run in Commandline, after doing a backup.

in addition, is there a way to set the “compact now” amount of data in the UI? if you use “compact” flag you can set --threshold=0. but in the UI feature?