Dropbox warning --auth-username --auth-password not supported

I created a new backup to dropbox with the duplicati GUI. When running the backup I get these warnings:
Die angegebene Option --auth-username ist nicht unterstützt und wird daher ignoriert
Die angegebene Option --auth-password ist nicht unterstützt und wird daher ignoriert

The command line created is
“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.CommandLine.exe” backup “dropbox://Backup/XPeter?authid=???&auth-username=aes&auth-password=???” “C:\XPeter\” --backup-name=“RogStrix XPeter Dropbox” --dbpath=“C:\Users\peter\AppData\Local\Duplicati\CUPOQOLXAT.sqlite” --encryption-module=aes --compression-module=zip --dblock-size=50mb --passphrase="???" --retention-policy=“1W:1D,4W:1W,12M:1M” --disable-module=console-password-input

The question marks ??? are placeholders for the orignal encryption strings. Please advice, how the GUI created wrong configuration can get fixed. I am using the command line mode. The workaround given for a similar problem with google drive: export -import of the configuration did not change the above command line text and hence has no effect on the error.

Thank You

Did it change at least temporarily on your Destination screen, if you look at it there again after change?

Do username and password mean anything to you in any context, especially related to Duplicati uses?

Do you allow your web browser or anything run in it to save username and password for future autofill?

Assuming this means true CLI, not GUI Commandline, the easy fix is to just edit the unwanted options off just like you presumably did on the Destination screen. But that leaves the question of how they got there. Beyond the earlier testing, you could look in Settings and Options screen 5 to see if somehow they got in.


Actually I’m not sure what export-import of the configuration you mean (no link was given). The one I mean is not the entire configuration, but on the Destination screen 2 you use the three-dot menu to the right of Backup destination to do Copy destination URL to clipboard, edit it in the box, Copy to clipboard, then use three-dot menu Import destination URL. Remember to go to screen 5 to eventually save it…

Sorry for the late reply, but I was working on other urgent network problems.

I did as advised and removed username and password on screen 2 and saved the configuration. This fixed the problem. The question still remaining is: Why does the GUI tool create usernames and passwords in the first place, both were created by Duplicati and not by me, if they are not needed?

Thank You for the support.

You’re saying they are completely, totally unrecognizable as anything you ever knew?
And what about your browser or password saver? They usually fill in the wrong fields.
EDIT: , or if they ever went with a different Storage Type, there’s a bug that they linger.

EDIT 2: I don’t think Duplicati ever invents usernames and passwords all on its own…
If you can find a reproducible problem on a new backup, please list your exact steps…