Dropbox Business Integration with a team folder

Trying to use duplicati and dropbox business, when linking to a dropbox account it tries to install into the “Apps” endpoint, however I need it to have full access to the dropbox account, which would then let me select a shared folder instead of one under my apps directory.

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I don’t use Dropbox, but if you refer to what their OAuth Guide calls “App Folder” versus “Full Dropbox”, their Access Type - Full Dropbox forum answer says it’s set initially for an application, and you can’t change that. How to change application access type says it can be awkward for even app creator to change choice later.

This question hasn’t been raised before, that I can find. Might I know the reason? Perhaps limits, or sharing?

Thanks for your reply.
Yep, checking their guide it looks like it’s just App Folder.

We have a business account that has limits set for the individual accounts, however a shared business folder that we have between all users has no limit (currently set to 5tb - but dropbox will keep increasing for no extra charge unlike OneDrive).

I’ve tried it with OneDrive Business, as that lets you save files to a shared folder with OneDrive.

Would it be possible to get an OAuth Token that Duplicati could read that would allow access to all folders on a Dropbox account (including the shared ones through a DropBox business subscription)?

Could the scope of the Duplicati OAuth integration be adjusted to accommodate for this “full dropbox” access?


For the Would/Could questions, have you read the Dropbox links I gave? This seemingly cannot be done through code change by ordinary developers, but needs help from the person who worked with Dropbox.

Even if it were only code changes, there are hundreds of requests, and many are requested many times.
Let me change category to Features, so we can see if it attracts interest. Requests queue in Github too.

Duplicati work in 2015/6:

Support DropBox #1470
Implements issue #1470 - Add DropBox backend #1835. You can see comments on the Dropbox review.

Duplicati OAuth Handler got several commits, seen here. The web page has a “full access” Google login, however Google is trying to clamp down on these without a very expensive review, so we may lose that…

Enhancing security controls for Google Drive third-party apps is the announce. Cutoff is behind schedule.
Google Drive access control is by different OAuth scope, drive.file Recommended, drive Restricted.

The Dropbox link I cited sounds like they want you to register a new app, then let the old app connect as it.

How we get along with OAuth describes the current flow. This request has a lot of specialized pieces to it.
Might be possible, but definitely doesn’t look simple, and feature adds are slow, given few volunteers at all.
There may also be an issue if right devs lack Dropbox Business. That’s slowed down other backend work.