Dropbox as your source (new user)

Before anyone gets mad at me in case this has been asked and answered (I couldn’t find a topic on it), just looking for the best option to backup my massive Dropbox account and this was the only product that showed any promise.

I want to use Dropbox as my source (I don’t sync my dropbox account in entirety to my hard drive) and back it up to an external hard drive.

Is there any way to use your Dropbox account as your source and back it up to an external drive? If so, I am not sure what to use in the “path” input field.

I appreciate any guidance on if this is possible, and what steps I need to do to accomplish this task.

Thank you so much!

Hello @placidminds and welcome to the forum!

I think the Duplicati answer is “not directly”. I don’t use Dropbox, but could you sync it to the external drive then back that up somewhere, e.g. to preserve history of changes? Some (including Dropbox) have also tried giving filesystem access (looks more commonly tried on Linux than Windows). For more ordinary ways, there’s rclone.

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It can be done with a fuse solution, but it’s not gonna perform well. And it’s not officially supported, fuse just tricks duplicati into doing it.

Something like this GitHub - joe42/CloudFusion: Linux file system (FUSE) to access Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive or WebDAV servers.
I seem to recall something similar existing for windows, but I can’t find it.

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