Doubts with "purge" command

I am using Duplicati to send backups to Backblaze. My OS is OpenMediaVault and until few weeks ago I was using Duplicati as a plugin.

I try to migrate Duplicati into Docker. It seems that the migration had been done correctly, I export my configuration file and move the database.

When the Duplicati´s Docker start new backup it didn´t finish, the error was about database permissions (it doesn´t matter because I resolve that problem). Now when I try to do a new backup I have a message that says there are files in the remote that there aren´t in the local storage.

I know I can rebuild the database to add those files, but I want to remove from the remote storage. I try to extract the dindex name in the log file executing grep unknown log.txt | cut -d : -f 5 | sed 's/ //g' > log1.txt , and then pass all of the dindex names to de purge command. I try it but it seems that doesn´t work, I guess it only works with the files real name.

How can I procede to remove all the files that are not in my local storage? Maybe using other command?

Thanks in advance!

A delete/recreate (rebuild) should not be necessary. You probably can just run a repair to have Duplicati scan those updated files in the destination and update the local database.

The purge command isn’t to delete specific dblock/dlist/dindex files on the back end, it’s to remove certain source files/folders from backup data on the back end.

But I would advise doing what you’re thinking of doing. Deleting files manually from the back end may have undesirable or unintended consequences. Instead I’d recommend just trying a database repair.

Good luck.


I thought about that, but in the last backup the total remote storage increase around 50%. I guess it doesn´t recognize the files, and it consider as new files.

If I rebuild the database those files that are not new still be in the remote storage, so how can I decrease the total storage?

I don´t know if I explain myself correctly…