Donations to the duplicati project


We cleaned up a few things around donations. On our website there is now a detailed description how to donate to the Duplicati project. For instance, we made OpenCollective more visible and introduced more crypto currencies.

OpenCollective is a legal entity that forwards donations to projects like Duplicati. You can donate via OpenCollective and then track how your donation is spent by the project. OpenCollective gives out receipts for all donations. So, if you are a company but never donated as we could not give you a receipt or an invoice, OpenCollective can do it.

One of the new crypto currencies is Siacoin. Sia offers a de-centralized network to store data and we have added Sia as a storage provider to Duplicati. All storage that you use is paid with Siacoin. So, we thought it would make sense to accept Siacoin as donations, too.



Hi there!

I’m afraid the donation links doesn’t work any more, because Google discontinued it’s URL shortener service as of March 30, 2019.
Coul’d you tell me please how to support duplicati project?

I can only see a link that used the URLshortener on the Duplicati website at Donations • Duplicati but that one still seems to work. Where did you find a broken link?


I can confirm that the paypal link works. My pihole blocked the domain …

Also used Paypal yesterday. Works fine.