Donations and Open Collective

Donating through Open Collective ( ) has made it easy to contribute to the development of the Duplicati Platform. However, I don’t see any Expenses being pulled from the Open Collective site.

This makes me wonder if my donations are doing any good.

Is there a different place we should be donating?

|< has a bunch of options at the bottom of each page.

Donations is the page those links point to. I’d guess that funds some of below:

All people who contribute to Duplicati are volunteers. We do not get paid, but use our spare time and private resources to keep everything running. Donations help us take out larger chunks of time to work on Duplicati, pay for hosting and service fees, and generally show us your appreciation for our work on Duplicati.

Donations are appreciated, and pay for things like the many server expenses.

I suspect there’s not enough for paid staff (at least on an ongoing basis) yet…

I’m not sure what projects at these in-between sizes spend their donations on.

Suggestions welcome, especially ones that don’t need extra volunteers to run.

I think I once suggested a remote system for stress and error handling testing.

A shared collection of destinations (some paid) for Duplicati staff may help out.

Both of those add benefits but consume extremely limited volunteer resources.

Open Collective might be another case of needing added overhead to manage.

There’s demand for the product (and fixes and features), but it’s people-limited.

How to put non-salary-level amounts of money to good use? Open to thoughts.

There’s one key dev who can’t debug on Windows, due to no system. Hmm. :wink:

I wonder if it’s time to relax “private resources” project plan, for shared benefit?

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