Donation Link on the webside does not work

I tried to make a donatiion via Paypal. But the Link on the webside doesn’t work and there is no bank connection.

Welcome to the forum @Eilon

What link at what step? tested from here looks like

Duplicati PayPal donation page in the above is a link to which shows its screen:


I don’t have PayPal, so can’t complete a donation, but at what step in process do things fail for you?

If I click on Paypal nothing happen. I don’t see the page from paypal. I use firefox.

Still a bit vague, but I take this to mean you did this step:

but got no response rather than the PayPal image posted. Does mouse hover underscore the link?


For me in Firefox, it also shows the link target on the screen bottom left.
This is standard browser stuff. Similarly you can right click to get options for the link. Do yours work?
I tested Copy Link (then paste to notepad) and Open Link in New Tab (which did what it should).