Does throttle upload affect local and LAN destinations?

I’ve recently upgraded my internet upload speed, which is making backups to Dropbox and B2 twice as fast. In order to prevent Duplicati from saturating my outbound pipe, I’d been setting the throttle upload option on a per-job basis for those jobs that have a cloud destination. Now that I have a lot of backup jobs running, it would be simpler to set a global throttle, but I’m concerned this will actually slow down my local (USB/NFS) backups, or is the throttle setting smart enough to only apply to cloud providers?

Throttle does not differentiate between local and internet traffic but you can simply set the throttle per job instead of globally.

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Thank you for confirming. I have 28 jobs so I thought I’d look for an easier way than changing each one. :slight_smile:

Oh, I could see 28 jobs making it tiresome.

You can specify a global and then override it on each special job. So if it’s mostly local backups, then set a high global and a low specific throttle on each internet job :slight_smile:

There has been talks of having a separate throttle for local disks, since they would usually allow much higher throughput, but I don’t know if anyone has suggested a specific LAN throttle.

It should be easy enough to determine if it’s a local network connection by just looking at the IP. Although this opens up for some issues with for example VPN.

Here is the disk throttle issue on github: Upload speed throttling affects local file backups · Issue #2685 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

Thinking out loud as to how that new feature might look. It sounds like adding a “job type” with options of "WAN/Internet, “Wireless LAN”, “LAN”, and “Local Disk” would allow for it to be easy to create default speed limits to be globally applied based on the type, overridden by a job based throttle speed. Default to LAN so that a default job from somebody new to the program will not be throttled unless they choose to make it so. Local Disk and LAN being unthrottled by default globally, Wireless LAN being throttled minimally by default so as to not basically shut down internet and wireless access when a backup kicks off and saturates the wireless bandwidth (perhaps base this default limit on the lowest common denominator today of 802.11g throughput at say 50 percent of expected bandwidth), and then WAN/Internet being throttled based on desired internet bandwidth usage (perhaps default to 75% of usage for a typical 10d/2u or 25d/5u cable internet connection, and have a couple common internet connection speed suggestions listed where the global setting is adjusted?). That should allow the backups to be mostly unobtrusive when they happen, an easy selection without needing advanced settings to be shown, and defaults from selection to work for most people without further adjustment.