Does the exporting backup configuration also export security related settings (passphrase, etc)?

  1. Does the exporting configuration also export security related settings, like passphrase and etc)?
  2. Is there anything that it does not exports from backup configuration?

Hey @vasili111;

  1. Yes it does. You can also encrypt it so that passwords etc are not stored in plain text.
  2. Not that I can think of. All the options are stored in the JSON file.

See Backing up the configuration for discussion, and some other things that you may or may not wish to backup.

Basically, check the Settings page on the main menu. Some of this is security, but I don’t know if you use them…

I just added a UI password, added a new default option, then exported. I didn’t see either in the JSON job export.

I believe ts678 is correct that anything stored in global settings is NOT exported with a job. I don’t recall for sure but I believe the job specific sqlite database name may also not be exported (or if it is then it’s not IMPORTED into a new job).